Tech support

Julie Lawrence, at – call me any time on 0435 213 026

What can I do for you?

Pretty much anything! Here’s some of the things I like to do …

  • Websites – Set up, alter or maintain websites
  • Phone support – got an email you’re not sure is safe and don’t know whether to open it? All those minor things that you just don’t know where to get help for? Just call me!!
  • Training – Teach you how to use software, hardware, the internet, etc.
  • Spreadsheets – everything from household budgets to cyrpto trading spreadsheets, and everything in between
  • Automation – Helping small businesses automate their processes
  • Organising – managing your life with the help of software (especially Evernote. OMG, I love Evernote.)
  • Images – Photo editing, creating graphics
  • Layout – Making documents readable! Layout, editing, etc.
  • Advice – Advise on any tech issues, help you choose a new computer, etc
  • Hardware – retrieve photos or other files from broken computers
  • Software – Set up new computers or phones; install paid or free software, including antivirus; fix computer problems, including viruses; back up your photos and files; and much more! (No wait, you also get a free set of steak knives!)

Free call

If you’re not sure if the issue you’re having is something I can help you with, feel free to call or email and ask me! If I can help you in under 5 minutes, it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose 

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