Glorious Nebo Bush Play Group

Glorious Nebo Bush Play Group 2

This play group was founded on the understanding that unstructured play outdoors – nature play – is essential to a full and healthy childhood. Nature play has many health and wellbeing benefits for children, including cognitive, social and emotional development, resilience and creativity. Experiences in nature as a child also promotes environmental awareness and stewardship as adults.

Children engage in spontaneous play with the freedom to take supervised risks, to imagine, to use their body in new ways, and to connect with others. Parents/carers can unplug from the busyness of our lives, become more mindful of our inner world, heighten our senses to the natural environment and connect more deeply with our children and the community.

When?: Tuesday morning from 9am at various locations around Mount Glorious and Mount Nebo areas. Events are created via our Facebook group (Glorious Nebo Bush Play Group) or sent by text if preferred. Please text 0487 111 221 if you would prefer to receive text notifications.

What to bring?: Sun protection, insect repellent, water, morning tea to share, and a sense of adventure.