Tips for New Residents

Welcome to our community!

Facebook groups

You’ll hear most of the local news and information in the Mountain Folk facebook group, and on the MNRA facebook page. Join up!

Fire Alarms

The fire alarms are tested monthly, on the same day as the Rezzo’s meeting, on the first Wednesday night of the month. Don’t panic!

Postal service

Many years ago, the local residents decided that picking up their mail from the post office would contribute to a sense of community. Therefore, there is no mail delivered in Mount Nebo. You need to get a post box at the post office.

Rubbish disposal

There’s no rubbish collection in Mount Nebo. You need to take your rubbish to the local tip, the Mount Nebo Waste Transfer Station, on Mount Nebo Road near Dundas Road, 5.6 km past the Post Office, to the north of the Village (towards Mt Glorious). It also has a place to leave still-usable items, for others to take, called “Treasure Island”.

“The Blocks”

You’ll hear locals refer to “the blocks” – that means the streets off Bateson Road, at the north end of the Village.

Add your own tips!

If you’re a local and have some tips to add, please add them in the comments below!! Thank you! (You’ll need to log in first. If you don’t have or want an account, you can email them to me instead.)

1 thought on “Tips for New Residents”

  1. Francis Lucy

    There are many ways to meet people here, from pub nights, Drumming Circle and Muso’s arvo, art, craft stuff and more. Check the calendar!
    Treasure Island is a special place for the locals and never feel embarrassed taking (or wearing!) something from there. This is a great way for everyone to re-use items. Don’t dump it share it! For larger things consider posting on Mountain Folk first.

    On Facebook there are a number of local groups such as
    Disaster Management Resource page (being prepared and updates on events like storms and fires)
    WildRavers (a great place to visit and share your experiences and photos of wildlife)
    Mt Nebo Pets (with helpful advice and info about keeping pets here).

    Plus local arts and crafts groups with regular events. Many events are free.
    Arts and Crafts Mountain Endeavours
    Upatree arts

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